Light bulbs: How to buy LED, fluorescent and halogen light for your home

Believe it or not, even something as simple as a light bulb can influence our mood and mental well-being. In this article you will find out everything you need to know to answer the question – what type of light bulb should I buy?
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How to determine the right fitting

The right fitting for a light bulb

When choosing a light bulb it may simply not fit your lamp because of the type of its base. In order to avoid buying the wrong light bulb, you can determine the fitting reference number and try to find it on the packaging on of your new bulb. Please use the picture and descriptions below for guidance.


Е10 – Probably, every person in their childhood had to screw in mini light bulbs with this base into Christmas tree decorations. They are also used in pocket flashlights.

Е14 – Most commonly used in small lamps or chandeliers.

Е27 – Light bulbs with this base are the most common and fit most basic sockets. There are also light bulbs with the E26 base meant for low voltage of 110 V. If your electrical sockets are of this voltage, there will be special labels on them.

GU10 – Standard ceiling lights. This type of bulb has thickenings at the end of contact points for swivel connection with the socket.

GU5,3 – This base is often used in jewellery stores for illuminating show-cases, highlighting paintings, spotlights, furniture lamps and floating ceilings.

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Which type of bulb is the best

Wise choice of bulb type



Different bulbs have different power consumption, which results in different electric bills.

Here is a table which demonstrates the size of the annual bill if you use various light bulb types for around three hours a day.

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Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL) – £3.06.
Contain mercury, harmful to health if broken and may require special disposal methods. Also, not everyone likes the light they emit.

Halogen lamp £12.63.
It heats the surrounding area too much

LED lamp £2.57.
It is the only light which doesn’t emit any heat, infrared or ultraviolet waves and does not need to be disposed in any special way.

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Everything about brightness and colour

Bulb brightness and preferable colour emission

Light output is measured in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. Look at the picture and determine how bright would you like your light to be, keeping in mind the resulting electric bill.

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LED 18w CFL 9W

Colour temperature is measured in kelvins. The values are displayed in this table:

Kelvin-2700k-5000k color scale

There are several standard configurations: 2700 К (same light as from an incandescent bulb), 4000 К (neutral daylight) and 6500 К (cold daylight).

For example:

different light from the lamp depending on the light color

In a guest room or bedroom people prefer to use bulbs that emit a warm incandescent light to create an atmosphere of comfort. Cold light, on the other hand, is used in offices or sport rooms, because it helps to concentrate and gives a surge of freshness and energy.

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Colour of the light does not affect the strength of the glow in any way, so the choice depends only on your preferences.

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Hopefully you are now feeling a little more informed and can make the right decisions. You can now head to an online store armed with the correct information and order the best quality bulb for your needs!

Here are several possible options which we use ourselves and can recommend to anyone who values a comfortable illumination of their home and wants to pay less:
For relaxation led e27 warm white 18w
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