How to choose the right sneakers

When you enter a sports store you see a wide range of sneakers that differ in cost, colour, and functionality. The variety may blow your mind. However, if you thoughtlessly buy a pair that was the first to catch your eye, you can be rather disappointed soon after the purchase. This may happen because sneakers are designed for different types of uses, including playing games. Sometimes, if you want to buy a pair it may even not be enough to know what type of game you want to play, because different types of sneakers are designed for different roles in the same game.

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To buy the truly high-quality sports shoes, you need to gain some knowledge and learn the basic criteria for making the right choice. The first task is to get an understanding of the intended purpose of your sneakers.

If you need them for everyday wear or gym

Sneakers can be not just convenient but also stylish and fashionable at the same time. If you are a practical person with casual style, this type of footwear is exactly what you need. You can wear these when driving, going to the gym for a workout or at the office.

The best sneakers for everyday wear are made of natural materials and have a light flat sole. This type of shoes can be extremely diverse and match almost any outfit.

If you are willing to invest in durable sneakers, look for leather or chamois models, which are great for frequent use and will serve long years.

For everyday use designers offer us the platform or rubber-soled sneakers. Instead of rubber, which is not very useful for long-term wear, manufacturers often use polyurethane foam. Such sole is much lighter and looks neater.

For a warm season you should purchase casual sneakers with a grid. They will support air circulation so that your feet don’t sweat.
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If you need them for walking

Modern urban rhythm requires a lot of walking. If you lead an active lifestyle, sneakers can make your strolls a lot more comfortable. You won’t get as tired and probably save some money because athletic shoes are much more durable.

How do walking sneakers differ from the others?

– Their flexibility allows a greater range of motion.
– Thick soles soften the contact of the foot and surface.
– High heels ensure foot stability when you move.
– High edges fix your ankle.

Can I use running shoes for walking?

Yes, you can. However, consider the fact that running and walking sneakers differ greatly. The first are designed with the forward body inclination in mind, which is natural when running. Walking shoes have a different goal.

Requirements and characteristics of good walking sneakers

Each detail of these shoes has to meet the requirements of comfort, convenience, and injury prevention.
1. The sole should be thick and elastic to protect your foot from uneven ground and soften the impact.
2. The heel must be high and rigid to stabilize and protect you against sideways sliding.
3. Arch support should prevent flat foot and protect the ankle from fatigue.
4. Insoles should absorb moisture well and be removable.
5. The upper part of sneakers must be breathable. The best choice is a combination of leather and high-tech synthetics.

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If you need them for running

In case you are seriously involved in running, your main task is to choose the right sportswear. Good running shoes help you avoid injuries, prevent foot fatigue, and bring enjoyment to your sports activities.

If you run only occasionally and do not have special health conditions (pronation, supination, or flat foot), then you can choose from a variety of running shoes represented by popular brands.

However, you will need special running shoes, if:
– you run no less than half an hour a day and more than two or three times a week;
– your running speed is over 13 km / h;
– you are overweight, which puts additional stress on your feet.

How to choose running sneakers depending on their purpose

You must know that all running shoes are divided into two groups:
1) training sneakers, which protect you from injuries;

2) competition running shoes, which allows you to show the best results, but do not protect against micro-injuries.

It’s obvious that if you are not a professional runner you should choose the training ones.

How to choose the right running sneakers

If you want to purchase comfortable and durable running shoes, you should focus on the following characteristics:
1) amortization – it must be located either in the heel part of the sole or in the front;
2) elasticity – running sneakers must be soft and flexible in the front;
3) ventilation – running shoes are never made from leather or other non-breathing materials;
4) lacing – it must be asymmetric, closer to the inside part of the foot;
5) weight – it should not exceed 0.9 lb.

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If you need them for playing basketball

We are lucky to live in an age when the footwear industry develops models for specific sports, especially if we talk about basketball. Sneakers are one of the most important pieces of the basketball equipment. If you are a professional player or just want to maximize your results in this sport you should give priority to the corresponding sports shoes.

The importance of your choice

Properly selected basketball shoes will securely your ankle, smooth the impact force during jumping, and create stability when moving. As a result, they will help you avoid sports injuries.
The ideal basketball sneakers:
– ensure stability in sideways movements;
– secure the ankles;
– provide wear resistance (it is especially important if you plan to play street basketball).

Another important factor that can define your choice of basketball shoes is your position in the game. There are three main types of sneakers – high top, mid top (universal) and low top, and they are intended for different kinds of players.

If You Are a Power Forward or Center Player

Try wearing high top sneakers, which have a high shoe and increased sole thickness. These sneakers are best suited for the tallest and biggest players.

If You Are a Shooting Guard or Small Forward
shoes for basketball
The most suitable type of sneakers for you is universal or mid top. Its biggest advantage is the significantly lighter weight. However, the disadvantages of these sports shoes lie in the fact that their sole is less flexible and they don’t fixate the ankle as good as the high top ones.

If You Are a Point Guard or Fast Shooting Guard

In this case low top sneakers are the ideal choice for you. They will allow you to make abrupt stops and quickly change your directions.

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If you need them for playing soccer

When picking out soccer shoes, think about the pitch you plan to play at. Are you going to play outdoors or indoors?

Indoor soccer
shoes for playing soccer
If you plan to play indoor soccer, you obviously need to buy indoor shoes. They have a flat sole that can be worn on almost any field. In case you are in need for a universal pair of boots, the indoor ones will be your best choice. However, you should keep in mind that they are not designed for running on wet grass or mud. If you wear them outside on a rainy day, you are more likely to slip than to hit the back of the net.

On the other hand, if your aim is to play football outdoors, you should choose a pair of sports shoes with studs (boots).

Soccer 1-2 times a week on artificial turf or ground
shoes with high hills for soccer
In case you intend to play soccer 1-2 times a week on artificial turf or ground, then you may look for 24 stud boots labelled MG (Multi Ground).

For playing on fresh turf after or during the rain
shoes with spikes
Boots marked SG (Soft Ground) have 6 or 8 studs and are designed for playing on fresh turf after or during the rain.

For playing on fields with artificial turf, as well as natural grass
green shoes for running on a grass and playing soccer
Firm Ground boots (FG) are more versatile in wear. They can be used on the fields with artificial turf, as well as natural grass. These soccer shoes usually have 9 studs in the front and 4 on the heel.

For playing on hard grass coverings which can be found in hot regions or during the summertime
shoes with spikes to run on a hard grass
HG (Hard Ground) boots have traditional round studs. They are designed for playing on hard grass coverings which can be found in hot regions or during the summertime. However, this type of soccer shoes can be also used on the new artificial turf.

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Now you know that sneakers are more than just casual shoes that can be chosen based on taste alone. If you want to use them in sports they must firmly fix the ankle, resist the stress, and make your foot feel comfortable.

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Last, but not least, we recommend buying sneakers in the evening. No, not because you have more time after work and can slowly explore the entire assortment, but because by the evening your feet tend to swell. And trust me, it is better to have the sneakers that are slightly loose the morning, than those that squeeze your foot and cause discomfort in the evening.

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