How to Choose Furniture to Make Your Home Interior Beautiful

We hate those unspeakably sweet pictures from glossy interior design magazines! We really do, since they have nothing in common with our real-life spaces.

Come on, do you have one of their unrealistically stylish designs in your house or apartment? That’s precisely the point – it seems like you can never make your home beautiful enough, without spending a fortune on hiring nifty interior designers. Eventually, they’ll spend another fortune on choosing furniture you don’t really like. But, yes, at long last you’ll  get a spectacular picture of these stylish interiors, you dread to live in. Gosh, it’s freaking annoying!

Actually, you can tell the designers to hit the road and create your own interior that will be not only beautiful, but comfortable for you – and save a fortune, by the way.

All you need to do is understand which type of interior styles suits you the best, and what kind of furniture you need to choose in order to match the style. To hell with those hipster trends! Say hello to your personal touch and temperament!

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Styles and furniture for a choleric personality type

  • Do you despise that all-too-common stability, quiet people, monotonous tasks and dull interiors?
  • At the same time, you tend to be enthusiastic about new ideas and you are eager upon a cause you like, while used to expressing your feelings very emotionally and spontaneously?

It appaers that you are an active, yet moody choleric type who is too indecisive to choose a certain interior style and to adhere to it for a long time. So, get over it! The best option for you is a mix of styles that we can find in eclectic or fusion designs.

Theses styles don’t require you to stick to only something that’s either classic or contemporary. You can combine pieces of furniture from different styles, origins and time periods, not to mention the blend of colors and textures.

No frozen designs, no dullness, and no monotony you abhor so much. You can change your environment each time your mood changes, by adding or removing interior items to match your spirits. At the same time, creating a crisp design with a personal touch.

Tired of stumbling upon your grandmother’s dresser, standing in the attic?

Drag it here and mix with cheap plastic chairs – why on earth would you need extra expenses! And since you are sure to like shifting furniture as the mood takes you or out of the excess energy, the eclectic or fusion designs are definitely among your best options. They don’t imply buying those massive wall units and cabinets that are difficult to move.

Don’t even look at sets of dining tables and chairs!

It’s best suited to choose a couple of chairs from different collections combining them by color, texture and shape or whatever other parameter you like. Or forget it and don’t try to combine them with each other!

Let all your chairs be different, yet having something in common with other interior items. Do the same trick with armchairs, bedside-tables and other furniture pieces, which usually come in pairs and sets.

Do you ever feel aggravated just thinking about painstakingly selecting those damned chairs? Ok, don’t sweat it and do buy a dining set.

Choose a modern set made of plastic or metal and couple it with a wooden art deco sideboard or an antique console table blending the colors and textures. Add a bench of plain style to a luxurious leather sofa or a lightweight rattan armchair to a heavy iron-bound coffer – counterpoint is welcomed!

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Sofa, bamboo furniture

Styles and furniture for a sanguine personality type

  • Does loneliness, inactivity and faint colors can drive you nuts?
  • You are curious, cheerful and sociable, yet a well-balanced person who can control your emotions easily and adapt to a new environment quickly?

Then, you are likely to be a sanguine type, hating small and dark spaces, as well as boring run-of-the-mill interiors. You can’t stand cluttered rooms, massive pieces of furniture and an abundance of textiles with all those ruching and voluminous folds – bother it!

You need a minimum of functional and preferably modern furniture, simple, but tasteful, and supplemented with light and bright accents. Scandinavian design is the best basis for creating your unique and beautiful interior style.

Scandinavian interiors involve soothing colors and light shades such as milky white, beige, sandy or light brown. They add volume to your living space, while serving as the perfect background for vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns used to create strong focal points. For example, choose a white desk of contemporary design for your home office and then add a chair of bright yellow color to give some richness and sunshine to the space.

Hate plastic and all kinds of synthetic? Good!

Furniture of Scandinavian design implies predominance of natural materials like solid wood, veneer, plywood and fiberboard often mixed with metal, glass and wicker.

Go for a simple style! Bookcase with open shelves made of painted plywood, couple it with a minimalistic sectional sofa wrapped in mint linen upholstery and blend them with a light round coffee table featuring a matte-white glass top and metal legs. Voila, your living room is almost furnished!

When choosing sofas, armchairs, beds or kitchen cabinets, give preference to plain square shapes and compact sizes, since this allows for more space in your rooms. Instead of detestable massive wardrobes, for storage use bedside tables, shelves and chests of drawers supplemented with a variety of stylish boxes and baskets. Scandinavian style furniture has to be functional and usable, yet warm and welcoming.

In addition to that, please do not forget about good lighting in your room. A bright light and a light yellow tone (between 2700 and 3500 kelvins) can give you a feeling of extra cosiness. If you want to know more why we gave you such a recommendation or if you want to get more specific recommendations, please read another one of our articles about light bulbs in your house. In this article you will determine what bulbs are more efficient and how light tones affect you feeling of comfort

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Styles and furniture for a melancholic personality type

Do you loath uninvited guests bursting into your house, since you consider that your home is your castle?

If you are a sentimentalist and introvert, a really thin skinned person, who is prone to deep emotional sufferings, then you are a melancholic type almost for sure. And that’s why you need a comfortable shelter, where you can hide from unfriendly reality, a calm place for relaxation, ensuring you privacy and granting tranquility. Forget about minimalism, hi-tech or loft styles and center around warmth and coziness of French or Mediterranean country décor.

No black-and-white schemes, cold glittering surfaces and bare walls! Sensitive melancholics prefer restful and warm colors like brown, beige, sandy, terracotta, as well as light shades of yellow, pink, green or blue. When stumbling across pieces of furniture painted in natural colors (colors of earth, water, sky, sun or flora) that look like they were faded in the sunlight, take a closer look at them – these are just the shades for the country styles.

Would you feel comfortable surrounded by plastic and metal? Nope!

Your choice is wooden furniture, especially with worn furnishing and ornamental details, as well as decorated with hammer works. Don’t just walk past wicker furniture, which is natural, light and convenient. This blends perfectly with many interior items made of natural stone, ceramics, porcelain or bricks.

Velvet, linen, cotton and textured fabrics add comfort to your space, so mind this when choosing your upholstered furniture.

Heavy linens and bed coverings, multiple cozy cushions, multilayered curtains and drapes, loose covers for sofas and chairs should supplement country style furniture to create more intimate and friendly environment. Think of this when hunting for your furniture – you can buy inexpensive wooden chairs and beds of plain design and then make them unique and stylish by using home textiles.

Don’t agree to those fancy furniture pieces that look glamorous, but fail to provide the comfort you need.

Go for large, soft sofas that are pleasant to rest on, large tables with comfortable chairs or armchairs for family dinners, cozy low beds with ornately turned legs and multiple plumpy armchairs to create nice chimney-corners throughout your home.

Focus on vintage furniture with worn effects to build up your own history behind the space – that’s just what men of feeling need.

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Styles and furniture for a phlegmatic personality type

  • You can’t stand changes, superficiality, hastiness and unreliability?
  • You are calm, balanced and a little bit of a laggard person, who boasts stable goals and permanence of feelings?

If you rarely lose your temper, show self-control in difficult situations and you are not inclined to conflicts.

You are probably a phlegmatic type, who finds it difficult to switch from one type of activity to another and to adapt to a new environment. And that’s why you despise all these current design trends, giving preference to traditional English style with its reliability, functionality and austerity.

Do away with plastic, engineered wood or metal and glass combinations!

Natural wood, both solid and veneered, is your preference when choosing furniture for the classic English design. Pay no attention to the cost.

Such a thoughtful person as you tends to choose furniture for ages rather than for just a year, and therefore it is worth paying. Durable oak, mahogany and walnut are among favorite wood species of the style, with the preference to dark and reddish shades. If the furniture is decorated with stained glass, natural stone or woodcarving, don’t hesitate to buy.

Look for impressive and hefty sets of furniture with multiple storage spaces, since phlegmatics can’t bear a mess in their homes and thus need much more space to put things right. Roomy closets and wardrobes, all kinds of cabinets and shelves need to be carefully chosen in order to match each other perfectly by shapes, colors and sizes.

Supplement them with upholstered furniture styled in cold green, blue or gray shades for rooms that face the south and warm chocolate, ocher, purple or sand hues for spaces that overlook the north. The English décor enjoys beautiful upholstery, especially floral, striped or plaid. And don’t you dare forget about big framed mirrors and curio cabinets, which are part and parcel of the style!

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Sure, there are many other interior styles, as well as mixed temperament types, so our furniture guide is not a must. However, when you feel upset with your home design again, think of your character rather than viewing those irritating glam pictures and try to create your personal style based on the simple tips we offer – we are sure you can make it!

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