5 Tried-And-True Methods to Choose Avocado Correctly

What are you cooking? Guacamole?

Yum-yum! We have no doubts about your cooking talents, but we know a secret that will make your dish even more tasty and wholesome. Do you want us to share it with you?

There you are – you need to pick an avocado correctly. Surprised? Is this too simple? Ooh la la, we bet you will be delighted to find out how the right avocado can add to the flavor of your foods!

The truth is that unripe avocado is somewhat hard and bitter, while the fruit is too oily and mushy when overripe – all these affects both the texture and taste of your dish. But it is easy to cook something yummy, when you armed with helpful tips from this avocado guide.

Here we go!

several avocados

Search for cultivar

Don’t you know that there are about 500 varieties of avocado cultivated in warm regions throughout the world? And this is great, since you can choose the best cultivar depending on your needs. And the coolest thing is that you don’t even need to delve into hundreds of avocado cultivars, since only a couple of them dominate the market. So, just go shopping and choose:

  • Avocado for sauces

Hass is a finger-licking choice for cream soups, toasts, smoothies, sauces, bakery and, yes, for guacamole. You can’t miss this cultivar, as it is the most common on the market, available all year round and easy to recognize for its color turning from green to purplish-black as it ripens. Take it and enjoy the rich nutty taste coupled with the soft texture.

  • Avocado for salads

Do you want your salads to look mouth-watering, while containing fewer calories? It’s a piece of cake with the Choquette avocado that features firmer flesh, retaining the shape when used in salads or rolled sushi. It boasts larger fruits that remain green when ripe and it is perfect for a healthy diet.

  • Avocado for toasts

Just taste a sandwich with the buttery flesh of the Fuerte hybrid and you wouldn’t want your sandwiches with other avocado varieties! This pear-shape fruit, changing its color from light to dark green, delivers a stronger and fresher flavor, while having less oily texture. It is the bomb for meals where little ingredients are added to avocado natural flavor.

  • Avocado for kids

The Bacon and Zutano varieties are definitely among your favorites, if you need an avocado with lighter flavor, yet rich of healthy oils and other nutrients. If your kids don’t like strong tastes, but you want them to eat healthy, try to find these “ever-green” cultivars.

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bone from avocado

Search for color

Let other people argue about which avocado to choose – black or green. Actually, depending on a variety, ripe avocados can be almost black, dark-green or even yellow-green, not to mention the fact that it is impossible to define that a fruit is not overripe, just judging by its color. But you are the lucky one who knows a great trick – how to define avocado ripeness by studying its color under the stem:

  • If it is green with some brown traces – the avocado is good;
  • If it is yellow-green – the fruit is unripe;
  • If it is brown – it is overripe.

Just like that! Use this trick whenever you can and you will hardly fail to make the best choice.

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cut avocado in 2 pieces with a dill


Why don’t you take an avocado and squeeze it? What for? But this is the best way to find out whether it ripe or not! Even the California Avocado Commission recommends pressing the fruit gently to define its ripeness. Regardless of the cultivar, any ripe avocado yields a little when squeezed– it has to be soft, but bouncy enough to recover its shape with no dints left.

  • If the avocado feels too firm, it is unripe;
  • If it is too soft and your fingers left traces on it, it is overripe.

Don’t be afraid to do this simple test in a supermarket, but make sure that your pressing is really gently.

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avocado mash


Hmm, you don’t expect avocados to sing, do you? So, what does this have to do with its sound?

Actually, you can shake the fruit to find out whether it is ripe enough. When you hear its stone rattling inside, the avocado is ready to serve. If not, it can be unripe.

Unfortunately, this method can be used only along with others, since nobody seems to know how overripe avocados sound.

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avocado cut into two pieces


We by no means suspect that you pick avocados with your eyes closed.

But you can do better when paying more attention to all these dark spots, bruises, scratches that can be often seen on avocados, especially in supermarkets. You’d better stay focused, since avocados with bruises can be stored for no more than a couple of days, while spots can indicate some kind of mold.

Choose the fruits with only minor color defects like a little darker or lighter area on the skin and you will never be disappointed with your choice!

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Now, you can go back to your guacamole, but don’t forget about our smart tips, when you go hunting for a good avocado next time! Unfortunately, this article does not cover recipies on how to prepare avocados. Please do not be upset – we found that there are many good culinary uses for avocados on wikipedia. We prepared the link for you – you can follow it and see for yourself  that there are recipies, which that worth your attention. We are sure that following them you will make your avocado dishes tastier and healthier.

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