How to choose the best budget headphones

We see lots of headphones with different names, but we cannot even imagine what lies below. Skullcandy, Sennheiser, Pioneer, Grado, Shure, Akg, Samsung, Koss, Panasonic, Philips, Maxell, Jvc etc. – headphones market is flooded. It should be noted that headphone prices are based not just on audio quality.

Factors like demand, prestige and a brand’s popularity play a huge role. Moreover, some manufacturers intentionally increase the price depending on their target audience’s readiness to pay. After all, no self-respecting audio enthusiast would buy a pair of headphones cheaper than £300.

The headphones’ sound quality is determined by impedance.

The higher it is, the more power your headphones need and the higher the sound clarity will be. If your sound source is low power, such as an mp3 player, then headphones with high impedance will produce very low volume. Impedance is measured in Ohms. Typically, for an mp3 player or average PC all you need is 24-36 Ohm. For working in a studio you require 200, 300 or even higher.

In your average shop you can find many headphones with impedance of 8-36 Ohm, or those that do not show this parameter on the box. Don’t be fooled – many manufacturers hide this number in order to prevent customers from comparing them with others and preserving their image.

We recommend you only choose headphones that display their impedance parameter to the average consumer, and it should be 32 Ohm. You won’t need any more than that. Find them on Amazon

32Ohm gives great sound clarity that you will be pleased with

In-ear headphones 32 Ohm

open headphones 32 Ohm

close back 32 Ohm

We now know how to choose the best headphones. This gives us more freedom as a consumer to properly determine the quality of different types of headphones and make the correct purchase decision by ourselves.

This article is based on the experience of internet users and our own research. You may check out our findings in the video below:

3 thoughts on “How to choose the best budget headphones

  1. i just bought new headphones and this article was the thing i needed. now just need to wait for the order to arrive


    A friend recommended this article to me and I followed this advice and bought a pair of 32 ohm headphones for 9 euros. And later I bought another pair for my friend as a gift. The sales guy was recommending these JVC Pure Bass headphones saying they were great and I bought them for 30. Then I told my friend about it and he said these heapdhones are only 16 ohm, so they’re worse than those that I bought for my self.

    Now I feel stupid. Just shows that you shouldn’t listed to sales people they never tell you the truth. I want to thank the creators of this site I will be your subscriber from now on, please write more articles

  3. I bought open back over ear headphones for jogging in a supermarket and it wasn’t that simple. First I went to a sports store, they had a 50% off on PUMA headphones. They looked like they were made for sports and cost 49 euros. I wanted to know the technical details and the shop assistant told me that they didn’t have any details. Then I went to a common supermarket and looked at a few 15 euro headphones.

    Turned out that 5 of them didn’t have any specifications. 1 had 16 ohm, 2 had 32 ohm and another 13 euro one had 36 ohm. They’re called Vakoss LT-98HV Stereo Headphone Super Bass Sound. I bought them. Sound quality is incredible and the headband is adjustible. Only downside is that they don’t have any markings that show which speaker is the right or left one and the volume control wheel is too small. Could another person have bought high quality headphones for such a price without this information? I doubt it. That’s a lot. I shared and liked this page. Is it enough to participate in your raffle?

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