A Helpful Guide through Prams and Strollers

Let’s count how many carriages you need for your baby. Firstly, you need some kind of portable cradle where your newborn baby can sleep blissfully while you are moving it around the house, or even out of the house (to visit a doctor, as an example). Then, you need a carriage for outdoor activities like walking in parks, or going to a shop. Keep in mind, younger children will be sleeping during walks, but older babies will be examining the world around – so it seems like you need two different carriages for your walks! And lastly, don’t forget about cars, since babies require special child safety seats!

You may feel completely lost when examining all these baby carriage options available on the market. Prams, strollers, carrycots, slings, backpacks – do you really need to purchase all of them!? Not on your life! Unless you are crazy about shopping and your money is limitless. In fact, many experienced moms get by with 1-2 carriages, passing them from the first child to the second and so on. You can do it, too! So, take a deep breath and read our guide to find the baby carriage that fits your lifestyle best.

Our bottom line is that it really is possible to get all you want from one baby transport unit if it is reasonably chosen. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of various types of carriages and the features which you should consider first and foremost – focus on them and choose the best for you and your baby!

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